What is Clinomania?

Clinomania can be described as the phase where the person longs to keep himself/herself limited to bed. Yes, even after taking requisite sleep for like 8 to 10 hours. If you have found yourself surrounded by the same on regular basis, then there is a chance that you are suffering from Clinomania.

Clinomania is described as an excessive desire to sleep and stay in bed all the time. If you are not feeling like to get out of bed although it’s 10 am in the morning and you have been asleep for more than 12 hours, and that happens daily with you, then there’s a Vigorous possibility that you have clinomania. And Clinomania is also called as Dysania.

The term Dysania is used more often to describe this condition than clinomania. A person who suffers from clinomania is called a clinomaniac.

Therefore, the sufferers will find it very difficult to get back to their normal activities. They will yearn for more sleep.


Clinomania Or Dysania – Worry Or Not?

Clinomania is certainly not a serious condition to strike a human. But having said the same, it has enough potential to create havoc in professional and personal life. Yes, the seriousness of the problem can relate to the fact, that you generate such a strong desire to remain in the bed, even though how hard you try. So, in such a term, it is considered quite a serious phase, in itself, where your professional and personal life is very much affected, even though you may not like it that way. Hence, you should know the kind of specific Clinomania symptoms which you may be facing.

Clinomania | Dysania Symptoms

  • You returned from work and you are so exhausted that you want to sleep. Yes, you don’t have any energy left to even have food.
  • You are so obsessed with sleeping, that your family is literally getting mad at you. You aren’t giving them the time, they deserve and it is causing a lot of frustration and heated arguments. You seem to be helpless as you feel tired. Besides your personal life, your professional moments are getting a beating too.
  • In spite of trying a lot and having a firm desire of getting up from a bed, you eventually break the promise you have made with yourself. You have been doing this from time to time.


Here are the Top 10 Clinomania Symptoms to Watch Out For…

Symptom #1: You have just had long, tiring day at the office or college. You come home, and you just want to sleep. You don’t even want to have something to eat, or even have coffee. The only thing on your mind is sleep. And once you get to bed, you are going to be on it for the next 12-13 hours. Your partner or parent will have a hard time getting you off the bed in the morning in time for work or school.


Symptom #2: You share a passionate relationship with your bed. Whenever you see it, you can feel its warmth. You long to be in it all the time, even when you are at work. The only thing on your mind is to get home and get to bed. Just getting into the bed gives you great pleasure.


Symptom #3: You have a beautiful/handsome partner, but not even he or she can arouse the feelings that you have for your bed. The sight of your bed fills you with immense joy and happiness.


Symptom #4: You love sleeping so much that you would rather sleep than have sex, even if you have a most attractive partner. Sleep is the only thing on your mind, night and day. You long to sleep and no longer have the sex drive you had in the past. This is really hurting your relationship and your partner is on the verge of leaving you for good.


Symptom #5: Every time you feel sad, lonely or emotional about something, you go to sleep, instead of going out and meeting new people. You rely on your bed and pillow for emotional support.


Symptom #6: Your obsession with sleeping is making your family crazy – they don’t know what to do about you. They are frustrated and angry and often try to pull you off the bed. This makes you angry too, and leads to loud arguments. You think your partner or parents hate you and don’t understand what they could have against you catching up on a bit of sleep.


Symptom #7: You are habitually late for work because it’s 9 am and you are still asleep. You even missed out on an interview because you slept the whole time. You kept getting calls, but chose to lie down in bed with your eyes closed rather than pick up the energy to pick up the phone.


Symptom #8: You are suspicious of anyone who would try to come between you and your sleep. You just want to sleep and don’t care about anything else. You completely disregard the fact that you are upsetting your near and dear ones with this attitude.


Symptom #9: You really want to get up and shake off your sleepiness. But find some excuse to be in bed for a few minutes longer, which eventually becomes a few hours longer. The whole day is gone by then and well, it’s time for bedtime and so you take another nap.


Symptom #10: Being in bed comforts you. When asked about your hobby or interest, you say that it’s sleeping. You don’t even understand how negative it makes you look.


Are you in an obsessive relationship with your bed? Is it hurting your personal and professional life? Does any of the symptoms listed above resonate with you? Well, then you are a clinomaniac for sure.

Considering such a peculiar nature, it is important to know about Clinomania in detail:-

Clinomania is associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which basically implies that the sufferer finds himself/herself confined to bed. Clinomania symptoms relate to mental or psychological disorder. You become the slave to your mind, in short, you do exactly, what your mind dictates to you. Yes, that’s the reality of the patients suffering from it. Therefore, in spite of getting required sleep, the reason, you don’t want to get up from a bed, is simply because your mind isn’t ready to believe that you have actually taken the “much-needed” rest.  As a result, you don’t want to get up from a bed.

In other words, the addition of the patient to the bed is in itself a cause of worry. Yes, surprisingly, you may not feel exhausted, yet you find it very challenging to get up from a bed, even after attaining a good night sleep.  The very idea about not wanting to move up is so strong, that if not checked, it takes a toll on professional and personal life. So, one has to find its way towards overcoming the same.

So, this is where the following tips have come to your rescue.

Is Clinomania a Mental Disorder?

Yes, clinomania is very much a mental or psychological disorder. Anyone who suffers from clinomania absolutely hates getting out of bed and can do anything to get an extra hour or two of sleep, although it is very much against their interest to do so. A clinomaniac, if given a choice, would gladly stay in bed all day long. This is certainly not a normal condition.

People who suffer from clinomania have to deal with a lot of negativity. They are looked down upon by their peers or employers and have trouble holding on to a job. Their relationships aren’t much to talk home about. Their desire to get more sleep is so intense that they miss out on job interviews and tests. They find it hard to handle family responsibilities or to handle their parenting duties. All they want in life is to get more sleep.

As said earlier, clinomaniacs are certainly not lazy people. They have a mental or psychological disorder and should only be treated by a psychologist.

Clinomania | Dysania Cure

  • Have schedule sleeping hours:

Can you believe that one of the best ways of clinomania cure is sleeping at scheduled hours?

Yes, it is indeed as easy as it sounds.

Ok, let me ask you.

Do you have irregular sleeping habits? If yes, then beware. Yes, studies have found that people who don’t have regular sleeping habits are the ones who suffer from it.

  • Go for a walk:

Do you often reach your office late even though how hard you try to get up, but you don’t want to, even after taking required sleep?

Well, such scenarios are a thing of the past, thanks to clinomania cure.

How about getting up from the bed and going for a walk for few minutes? Yes, no matter how hard it seems for you, but you need to convince yourself to move out of the bed.

So, what’s the benefit?

Well, as your body is on the move, your heart will pump blood fast and generates serotonin – a chemical in the brain. Its pleasant effect is that you will find yourself energetic and enthusiastic. That’s surely the benefit, you can count as part of Clinomania cure.

  • Drink lots of water:

How hard you try to get up in the morning, but your laziness overpower you? Has it become a normal phenomenon for you where you don’t know what to do?

Do you know that water keeps you hydrated?

Yes, it does as this clinomania cure gives you enough of freshness and you will remove your boredom. Yes, especially as the sufferers complain of laziness, so this move will give them a sense of rejuvenation.

  • Get required breakfast:

Don’t you think that a dull morning creates an unpleasant start for the day?

Yes, it does. Hence, it is important to make your mornings fresh and exciting. A healthy breakfast to start the day is what you need. Yes, your eating choice will set it a base for your whole day. So, ensure, that you take a good one which sets it as a base to give you requisite energy.

Clinomania patients tend to shrug off their responsibilities. Yes, so much so that they are unable to pay attention to what their mind is saying. That’s exactly where it relates to this psychological problem which needs to be treated on the similar lines. Considering the same fact, you need psychological counseling.

Although, clinomania isn’t that common, yet having said the same, there are increasing numbers of patients who are suffering from the same. As you get in touch with the psychologist, he/she will probably be helping you. Therefore, you need to get in touch with a psychologist and it is even better if he/she has experience in handling patients with Clinomania Symptoms

Clinomania & Dysania – Final Thoughts…!!!

If mornings are beautiful, the rest of the day becomes beautiful and special as well. Kick start your life with energy and excitement. So, create a healthy phase of your life, since you deserve the best as well. As you have read the aforesaid, you are going to find a pleasant difference in your life.